Samsung ue55k6000 tips please thank you

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Inscription : 26 juin 2019, 13:14

Samsung ue55k6000 tips please thank you

Message par Lincon » 26 juin 2019, 13:16

Hello everyone,,,

I'll need your lights .. thank you in advance ...

I recently bought this model Samsung ue55ku6000, beautiful tv ...

I'm looking for the ideal settings because I think the picture is a lot of jitter on the tv bxvideos xnxx xxx
y the Freebox ..... even fiddling thoroughly settings ... it's not fluid ....
I watch dvd by box .... it's nice but it's not beautiful .... better with the ps4

I activated the hdr + on the HDMI source of my box revolution ..... it is average on the rendering .... by disabling it is hardly better ... ... it jerks .... depending on the channel is sometimes ugly .... I spend my time with the zapette to settle but I can not find ....

I play ps4 and I'm happy with the game mode and the input lag rather weak ... If I put the HDR + mode that the ps4 knows how to manage .. is it going to play on my input lag?

I first bought a PHILIPS 48pu7600 .... very beautiful with ambilight but the lag input was horribly high ... I changed it against this Samsung .. it's better ....

Basically .. ... I have a nice tv with good options ... but on the box .. it's not nice in the rendering .....
How to optimize fluidity and image via my box?
should I plug the box on the wall antenna?
Advice or advice? ... Thank you in advance